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Online Dispute Resolution and Courts

by Vesna Milojevic 
For years, businesses have utilized online dispute resolution (“ODR”) to resolve disputes between sellers and buyers. The use of ODR has helped businesses save money, become more efficient, and achieve their intended purpose. It was not until recently that U.S. courts took notice of ODR. Recognizing a serious access to justice gap, more and more courts are looking to ODR to fulfill their mission of providing the public with access to courts. The purpose of ODR is not to replace courts but to provide an additional, more cost efficient, access point to the courts. Dispensing ODR through the courts assures participants that the terms of their agreements will be respected and enforced by courts.  
By reimagining traditional formal court processes, courts have been able to embrace ODR solutions and make these solutions a reality.  ODR case types include, but are not limited to, traffic violations, family law, minor offenses, and small…
Measures and Metrics – Boldly Going Where The Numbers Lead  Hosted by The National Center for State Courts   Join colleagues, innovators, and ODR thought leaders at the International ODR Forum 2019 in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Join your international colleagues in Williamsburg – a destination listed by the New York Times as one of the 52 Places to go (New York Times places to visit in 2019). With a 17th-century community and courtroom as backdrop, explore 21st century community and court processes, digital platforms, portals, networks, and apps.

ODR use is expanding rapidly in the public sector and courts are beginning to have results that can be measured. Session topics for the 2019 Forum will center around measures and metrics.

Measuring success in the ODR space. Best practices in gathering data for accurate evidence-based decision-making. Innovation. Sustainability. What public and private sectors can learn from each other. A pre-forum workshop on October 28 will provide a deep …