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Brāv Metrics review
by Remi Alli
“I had difficulty maintaining a level of peace due to dealing with new neighbors that seemed so different from what I was used to. Using ODR for a management session allotted for a [third party neutral] to intervene and quell the situation while I was at home and comfortable.”
Courts have found that hostile environments, harassment, physical and emotional environments are all consequences stemming from conflict. All too many times people have conflicts that they may internalize. 
There are multiple methods of de-escalating a situation. One of those methods are chatbot consultations. Of the chatbot consultations, another method are in-person sessions.  Over 80 percent of users received success with in-person session tools. The in-person session tools include text and video chatting capabilities along with file sharing and breakout rooms, and roughly 89 percent of those who used the tools found relief. 
Another in-person session tool employed during dispute r…